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February 1, 2010

Frida Sasson's Art Exhibition. Collages.

The collages you see are the artwork by Frida Sasson, very talented Israeli artist. She developed a unique technique for expressing her vision in a very joyful, colorful and unusual way. She lives in Jerusalem.
The exhibition is open for public in Jerusalem Theatre.
Please read more about the artist here:


Choni said...

Wow, what I enjoyed about some of these patterns is that they could be one of several nature scenes. In some cases I felt as if i was looking at an above ground flower patch and a school of fish simultaneously.

youngartist said...

Very nice and inspiring art, thanks for sharing

Sai Vandana said...

Loved your paintings. They leave a 'feel good' effect on the heart. Thanks for sharing

פרידה said...

Thank you so much,frida sasson

פרידה said...

Thank you so much,frida sasson